Diablo 2 Resurrected Bugged Attack Speed Calculator

Unfortunately, as of the patch on December 2nd, the uncapped EIAS bug was fixed. IAS frames are now back to the original game.

I have plans to maintain this calculator, but I'm not going to revert it back to LOD for a while. Use the original until then.

Primarily maintained by Warren1001 from MrLlamaSC's community. If you found something that is wrong, send me a message on Discord: Warren#2433 or find me at Llama's Discord server.

Please full refresh with Ctrl + F5 for the first time you navigate to this page every time you use this calculator. It may have updated but not show for you.

Currently in D2R the artifical EIAS cap does not exist, so breakpoints that were otherwise unobtainable are now obtainable. All skills are impacted, though not all are affected.

Everything should be accurate. Assassins wielding two claws and Barbarian's wielding two weapons may not see correct frames for various skills. Do be sure and test. Whirlwind is confirmed correct for Barbarian.

Per Amazon Basin for Frenzy: Attack Speed Calculator only calculates attack rate breakpoints accurately when first attack in sequence is unsuccessful, or when both weapons have the same weapon speed and Increased Attack Speed.

I fixed the form reseting when pressing 'Show IAS Table'.

Auto-WSM bugging is a somewhat advanced mechanic. If you don't know what it is or how to use it, ignore that option.

Primary Weapon
Auto-WSM Bugged
Weapon IAS
in %, pretty sure this is useless
change interval
Secondary Weapon
Weapon IAS
in %, pretty sure this is useless
Non-weapon (Gear) IAS
in %, pretty sure this is useless
Burst of Speed
Holy Freeze
credit to ingame.de for the calc.